About us:

Virtual Factory CG+ is an all-round 3D Computer Graphics, Animation and Visual Effects Studio. Recently, we have added the “plus” sign to our company name, because we are expanding our services to Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality content.

We are offering a wide range of 3D computer generated content: high resolution CGI images, 3D Animation, Process and Product Visualisation and Visual Effects. Being creative and visual thinkers, with our skills and experience we can translate our clients’ roughest sketches, most complex briefs and even their wildest ideas into stunning visual presentations.

Virtual Factory was founded in 1996 by 3D artist Rolf van Slooten, and our work has been used in countless television and online commercials, product presentations, billboards and motion pictures.

Being a small studio, Virtual Factory are collaborating with a collective of skilled freelance 3D and 2D digital artists and VR developers. As a result, scaling up quickly and efficiently for managing more demanding projects is our second nature.